Anónimo asked: I wouldn't put it past the show to give Britt/ana a wedding, but I highly doubt it. Honestly, if you think about it, their proposal is still kind of about Klaine. It's being paralleled with Kurt's sadness over breaking off the proposal, but Klaine is still very much the "it" couple. I cannot see Ryan Murphy ending his series on the wedding of two guest stars when we have been leading up to Klaine's wedding for years now.


Yep. Totally agree. If Brittana were getting a wedding on screen they would be in more than a handful of episodes. Now since we’re all believing MJ on everything, I seem to recall that she said Naya and Heather would be in about 4 to 5 episodes. If that’s true they’ve already used two of them so I don’t think they are getting an on-screen wedding. But yeah, Kurt and Blaine’s saga is obviously continuing and the fact that the proposal leads into a diatribe about “too young” by Santana tells you that Brittana’s engagement is more about Klaine than Brittana. It is what it is.

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completely ok, how did you find about him? Would you like me to show you some of my favourite older songs of his?


This is an unpopular opinion but I do think some crisscolfer shippers are the reason Chris and Darren don’t interact.

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Darren lost +200 followers already. I’m not making this up.

+ 400 now lol

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I’ve lost the count of how many scenes of Blaine feeling remorse we got in S4 (I know because I skipped them all). But people still claiming he never felt sorry at all and that he never took responsability of his actions.
Meanwhile Karofsky got ONE SCENE AND ONE LINE about feeling sorry and wow! that’s real remorse!

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Anónimo asked: When did tyler oakley joked about rape??


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Hopelessly Devoted to You is the proof that Max’s voice is totally underused. Is a shame that he never gets to sing more.

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Anónimo asked: I kind of figured that was the case and also that you're not from America. It's just that the two names would have a totally different meaning as Frenchy was often teased about her appearance by Rizzo and the girls.

I understand. But my point is that you could see Blaine’s pain during the performance, it was all in Darren’s acting. That’s why I say the song counts as part of his feelings.

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Anónimo asked: This is a totally irrelevant detail but it's 'beauty school drop out' because frenchy (who sugar played) didn't think she could cut it in high school and so dropped out to go to beauty school and become a hair stylist (because apparently that was the equivalent of dropping out and working at mc Donald's) . I know totally random but the song shows frenchy once again scared she'll fail so has a weird dream with teen angel

Thank you, I didn’t know this because I’ve never watched that movie.

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I would prefer be cheated on once or 10 times than being sexually assaulted for the second time just like that native guy sexually assaulted me pressing my right breast me in front of my sister at 7 am when we were going to our English  class.
And I’m not the only one.

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klaine-run-the-world requested: klaine + “#kurtmatters”  









It’s funny because Karofsky did ALL of those things (besides cheating) + physical & verbal assault, mental abuse and bullying but lol it’s okay bc we want him to fuck Kurt!!!!!

ok thats funny bc…

Don’t forget, Dave was a bully when he did those things. He also sincerely apologised and made amends for it. Blaine is supposed to be in a relationship with Kurt, so what he did is automatically worse - Kurt was supposed to be able to trust him - he has never taken proper responsibility/apologised for anything he’s done but blames his victims instead.

What the fuck??? So “being a bully” automatically excuses his shitty actions?? According to your logic, as long as you’re not in a relationship with someone, you can treat them like absolute shit and do all the disgusting things that Dave has done to Kurt as long as you apologize later?? Wow. Why am I not surprised.

And Blaine HAS apologized for his actions, time and time again, over and over, far more often than Dave Karofsky has. The difference is that you choose to ignore it bc you’re blinded by your Blaine-hate. Either way, Blaine has apologized and “made amends” for his shit every single time. The reason I forgive Blaine and not Dave is because what Dave did was far fucking worse than Blaine, and that’s never going to change.

Except that KAROFSKY showed REAL remorse, not Blaine.

Karofsky got to sing about his feelings. He sang Beautiful School Drop Out and Hopelessly devoted to you (Max is an amazing singer, he killed it with the acting during the performance, true pain in his eyes). He was depressed and hating himself in “The role you were born to play”, “Glease”, “Dinamic Duets” and “Thanksgiving”. Remember when Karofsky was so depressed he decided to move to Dalton because he hurted Kurt (his own words, not mine) and because he was feeling he was a bad person? Thanks god Sam gave a pep talk to him so he decided to stay at McKinley.

Where’s Blaine’s remorse? He got literally TWO LINES: “I’m so sorry” in Prom Queen.

Karofsky was the one showing real pain, Blaine did absolutely nothing.

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