Ingrid Michaelson’s concert in NYC

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Come What May (Acapella Version)
Chris Colfer and Darren Criss


4x15 Glee Cast - Come What May (ACAPELLA)

Sung by: Chris Colfer & Darren Criss (Kurt/Blaine)

We are now going to have the hottest make up sex ever.
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klaine hiatus challenge day 3: favorite klaine episode.
What most of you don’t know and this is top secret - is that i’m going to ask Kurt to marry me”

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"I’ve always been proud of my sense of style….One of my general mantras in life is: Dress for the party.”

Darren Rainbow Criss

After Chris wins his first Oscar they’ll keep asking him about those stupid Naya/Lea rumours.

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Chris Colfer guest starring on Hot in Cleveland


Chris on interacting with the new cast members (x)


Kurt Hummel: (X)

BLAINE ANDERSON YOU HAVE PUT ME THROUGH A LOT OF PAIN. Also your fiance is going to have to make a cameo soon that’s more substantial than a stray speech bubble but LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT RIGHT NOW.

klainehiatuschallenge day 16 - sexiest klaine moment

 And even though this wasn’t a fight, this was just, you know, a grown-up, adult conversation you know, we are now going to have the hottest makeup sex ever.

Kurt was my A N C H O R.

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